Blind Cleaning Specialists

Did you know that your Blinds can be cleaned professionally using the latest ultrasonic technology, saving you money and improving the air quality within your workplace/home environment.

Blinds act as a filter and in the course of time collect dust and other pollutants, they also attract bacteria and harmful germs, if not cleaned periodically, will have a direct effect on the workplace or home.

We offer a comprehensive cleaning service using an innovative Ultrasonic Cleaning System which uses sound waves to clean all kinds of Blinds; vertical, venetian, roller, micros, minis etc. in all kinds of materials (aluminium, plastic, fabric, wooden, woven woods) the safest and most thorough process known to the industry.

Using the ultrasonic cleaning method there is no scratching, streaking, smearing or other damage compared to conventional cleaning methods. The sound waves are so small, they penetrate into every minute portion of the Blind, lifting the dirt gently away.  The cords, ladders and slats come out sparkling clean and it also lubricates all the mechanisms, leaving your blinds like new.

Blind Cleaning Benefits

Financial Savings

You could save up to 80% compared to the cost of purchasing new.

Replacing them on an ad-hoc basis can be ineffective and expensive.

Blinds are a capital asset which need to be maintained to preserve their book value.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your Blinds.

Offsite Cleaning

Blinds are cleaned off-site to avoid the redistribution of dirt around the workplace or home and all cleaning agents used are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Health, Safety & environment

Recent EU Health and Safety dispensation highlights the need to address indoor air quality in commercial buildings and one of the highlighted actions is that every workplace and the furniture, furnishings and window fittings should be kept clean.

You will also be helping the environment as by having your Blinds cleaned you are effectively re-cycling and thus saving on manufacturing processes, emissions and disposal into Land Fill Sites. A healthy working environment can reduce sickness levels.

We provide a cleaning and repair service for Vertical, Venetian and Roller Blinds. All quotations include removal, collection, delivery and refitting.

As well as a clean on request service, we also offer periodic maintenance and cleaning contracts for businesses, which include agreed timescales for inspections and cleaning. For further information please see our Maintenance Contract.